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PS – tell me what you think! Whether it’s related to this blog or not. I’m an excellent listener.

Email me: sandhirachetty@gmail.com

Or, you know, you could just leave a comment here.

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Hey, I’m even on Instagram: Sandhira


7 thoughts on “Drop me a line

  1. Portia Gumede

    You know what, this is brilliant and funny! When did you get a sense of humour Sam? lol….. In my mind I am wondering who this neighbour in University was though!

  2. Haha thanks (I think)..
    And I think I’ll keep that person to myself for now 😉

  3. Nakita

    Very interesting Sam thanks for sharing parts of your life with us,please do continue uploading. Xxxx

  4. Louise Bendle

    Brilliant Sam, I also forts thought who the neighbour could be. Knowing I was your neighbour for a year at least I had to rack my brains whether that was something I said to you. But then I realised I don’t ever talk like that!

    I always knew you were funny 😉

  5. Thanks guys for actually taking the time to read! I appreciate it so much. And no, Bendle, definitely not you; as you said, you don’t speak like that!

  6. Angie Murphy

    Hey Sam, just sat for the last hour reading all your stories. You truly are an excellent writer, I feel like I’m watching the scenes out my own eyes. I enjoyed every minute of the read. keep them coming.

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